What can be done with WhatsApp Api?

Send a message at a much more affordable price compared to SMS with Api via WhatsApp. We support scheduled posts, reminders, pictures, videos, documents and more. WhatsApp Api integration and send WhatsApp messages via Api via panel. Test our WhatsApp messaging system with 50 WhatsApp messages for $ 1, whether through regular WhatsApp or with WhatsApp Business.

Biwaps WhatsApp Api

Send a Message From One Panel

Start messaging directly without worrying about API integration via Biwaps system.

Simple API Integration

If you want to provide delivery via your own system, provide easy integration with our WhatsApp Api Documentation.

Use Your Own Number

Send messages easily and quickly with the number you set for WhatsApp message sending.

Comprehensive Messaging

Start sending texts, images, files, videos, web links and more to people you designate on WhatsApp quickly.

What can you send on WhatsApp with Biwaps?

As Biwaps, you can review below which message content we support sending via WhatsApp Api.

Send Plain WhatsApp Texts

Send straight messages to the numbers you specify with WhatsApp Api.

WhatsApp Yazı Gönderimi

Send WhatsApp Bulk Image

Send pictures with WhatsApp Api. The system only accepts the sending of JPG, PNG, JPEG image formats.

WhatsApp Resim Gönderimi

Post Additional Files on WhatsApp

Share PDF and other file types with WhatsApp Api.

WhatsApp Ek Dosya Gönderimi

Post Location on WhatsApp

Send location easily.

WhatsApp Konum Gönderimi

Send Members Password Information

Send the password value you want via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Şifre Gönderimi

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WhatsApp Video Gönderimi

Multiple WhatsApp Web Usage

With the Biwaps Web panel, you can open multiple whatsApp accounts through a single window and also access multiple computers or phones simultaneously.

Multiple WhatsApp Web Usage

Simultaneous Messaging on Many Devices

Let your team members talk more comfortably with your customers through a single WhatsApp number at the same time. Get easier and faster communication with your customers with conversation between teams.

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Unlimited WhatsApp Web Access in One Panel

Collect your WhatsApp Business or Private WhatsApp accounts on a single panel. Manage all your messages in one place.

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Multiple WhatsApp Web Usage
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Fast Integration

Easy Integration

You can easily install and start using in just 1-2 hours.

WhatsApp API Integration

Provides functional use

API Integration

After registering our system, you need to carry out API integration steps.

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Easy Connection

QR Code Link

It will be enough to make QR code connection as you connect to WhatsAPP web from your whatsAPP account that you want to send automatic messages.

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WhatsApp API QR Code Link
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Get WhatsApp API Gateway Service

Biwaps, is an API gateway service for sending and receiving messages, notifications, timers, reminders and traces with simple integration for your business.

Start Using Now!

Register Biwaps and start using WhatsApp API immediately. Reach your customers with more affordable costs than SMS. Follow the reading of your messages. Get instant answers from your customers. Provide automatic answers with conditioning features. Take your company one step further with WhatsApp messages that millions of people use safely. You will see that you will get a lot more positive feedback compared to SMS messages.

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